About Us

Time Rays is a social enterprise that aims to bring transformational change in the world through “Unconventional Education”. Time Rays is run by a group of individuals who have been associated with technology, education, and publishing. The group analyzed the problems of the world and worked on answers and solutions, and finally found that the world's real problem was lack of right education and the solution to all problems is the right education, which they call Unconventional Education.
They defined Unconventional Education as education that makes people understand self, explore and nurture nature, be creative, love life and living beings, take informed decisions, contribute to the world in some unique way, and control mind and senses such that the world becomes peaceful and progressive.

Time Rays is a vision of an enlightened world that works for prosperity and peace.

It aims to make every human being a powerhouse of knowledge.

To solve the intrinsic problems of human life through Unconventional Education.