Article Submission Guidelines

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• All articles must be original articles.
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• All contact information should appear only in the author’s bio.
• Articles that are advertisements, or appear to be advertisements, will be considered spam and will not be approved for publication.

Illegal/Objectionable subject matter

• Family Safe Content Only: We do not allow articles on pornography, escort services, sex toys, violence, illegal subjects (such as movie downloads), potentially dangerous information, or hate speech. This includes both written and visual material. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and Time Rays (www.timerays.com) reserves the right to reject any article.
• Articles cannot include plagiarized material from any other person or source. You must own 100% of the article you publish.
• Articles should not link to or promote online gambling sites.


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Become an Author

Are you a thinker who wants to write? Don’t be afraid to write. You have ideas; we will help you to become an author. Your article will be checked for quality of thought and if found conforming to our standards will be approved. You write it, we will edit it for language and grammar without changing your context and the original meaning. The article will be published only after you have given your consent to the final edit.

Share your views, contribute to the concept or tell us your philosophy. Your profile will be added to our authors list once three of your articles are published on the site.

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