1. What does the word "timerays" mean?
The word ‘timerays’ is a combination of two words - Time and Rays. It is basically "rays of time". We believe time is the greatest teacher. Rays denote knowledge. So ‘TimeRays’ is the knowledge from time.

2. Why should I register with Time Rays?
• You will be able to get your ideas published on the website.
• You will be able to promote a culture, a literature, an art, etc., on the website.
• You will be able to display your products, which you want to sell, on the website.
• You get access to free stuff in “Downloads” section.
• You become a choice for partnering in our future efforts

3. On what subjects can I write articles in Imagination?
Imagination is the foundation of learning. The topics should be such that children from 5 to 16 years of age understand and relate to. The language should be simple and attractive. You can also write the article in a story format. The basic theme of this section is creativity. The articles can also feature small activities that help in building creativity and imagination in the children. Although the target audience is the young ones and teenagers - people of age group 10 to 18 years, imagination can relate to people from other age groups as well.

4. On what subjects can I write articles in Objectivity?
The basic theme of this section is direction and clarity for the youth. The articles shall provide guidance and clarity on various issues – current or past. There will be articles on various professions and career choices and also on various art forms like music, paintings, theatre, etc. The topics should also cover the duties and responsibilities of the youth. Also, solutions to the present problems in the country can be asked for. Some examples for the topics are careers, current issues, politics, nationalism, poverty, youth, economics, etc. In objectivity, we should consider that the objective of the article is clear, and there are some set points that you want to make. It should not be vague. The target audience is the youth - people of age group 18 to 29 years.

5. On what subjects can I write articles in Diversity?
In Diversity, topics will range from the vast pool of life & philosophy. The subjects can be complex. The basic theme of this section is “Enriching Life”. Basically, how can we add value to our lives; how can we enrich our lives to add new dimensions to it. The general idea is to give people a learning platform to be successful, happy and content in their lives by employing some simple ideas and by learning from the life itself. The target audience is the people of the age group 30 years and above.