Present Education System

Our present educational system is not playing a significant role in shaping the future of our youth. It makes students corrupt and teaches them only indulgence and self-centeredness. Some of the major problems with this system are as under.

Single Aim – To Make Money
The aim of this system has become to make money for the owners of the institutes and in turn this education also makes youth who are hungry for indulgence, power and money. They just think of partying, sex, fashion, food, gadgets and vehicles. They blindly follow western styles and culture. For these youth, earning money is the only goal of the life and their only motivational force is money. They want to go abroad and earn money and stay there forever. These youths perceive the education as a means of making money.

Literate not Educated
This education only gives degrees/diplomas without any basic knowledge. It tries to make people literate, not educate. It prepares them for a job in an MNC and totally ignores their overall development.

Making fools seem “bright”
The present examination system & evaluation system ignores skills, and aptitudes among students. This examination system is not a true test of child’s capacity. This does injustice to those who are really intelligent and genius. By the virtue of this system, those who are routine, regular, and average in their thinking, approach and intellect appear bright and intelligent; and those who are unconventional, out of box, above ordinary in their thinking, approach and intellect appear as losers and fools. At an advance stage in life, these seemingly “bright” people take higher positions in society and organizations and thus the whole society is downgraded by the mess they create.

Followers instead of leaders
This system produces followers instead of leaders. These “bright” people have no vision and have short term goals. When they grow in life they are not able to give shape to their life, to the society, to the country and to the new generation.

Ineffective Evaluation System
No doubt that present educational system is making engineers, doctors, CAs and other officers but there is lack of values. The present system tests only what a student has crammed or is able to copy. It does not test what the student has learned and what ideas they have of life and work. It does not test the character, the aptitude and the attitude of the student. This is the reason why our bureaucrats and police officers become corrupt (even if their intention at the beginning may not have been such).

Lack of Moral Values
It does not emphasize on patriotism and humanity. Youth have very little or no value for our heritage and culture. It only prepares the youth as the job seekers or job mongers with low value system. There are very little or no human values. People don’t respect human life now. Honesty is laughed at by the people; sincerity and hard work are considered foolish, elders are not respected, women are considered as sex objects only. There is no sense of duty and sacrifice.

Lack of Total Personality Development
There is lack of total personality development. The system churns out indifferently trained, poorly motivated students, who have few job prospects. For these students, success means having money whatever the means. This education is not able to develop leadership qualities in students.

No Emphasis on Creativity and Innovation
There is less emphasis on research activities and knowledge orientation. The system doesn’t inspire children to go beyond what is set to be the limits. What the students learn is routine and regular. Students are forced to do lot of routine work just to get marks. Students are not encouraged to take activities of their interest.

No Focus on Learning
There is too much stress on getting marks and this encourages children to mug up & pass exams rather than learning concepts. Institutions are giving more stress on completing syllabus and help the students to pass the exam instead of building their character and enhancing their personalities.

No Intellectual Development
This education system is detached from the real world. It doesn’t make children ready to face the world outside. The system aims to create a complacent labor force which is driven by the large MNCs and the MNC friendly governments. The system only teaches to memorize things. It makes children workers who are best at repetition. The aim is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train them to a standard level or the common level. There is no originality whatsoever in any way. There is too much focus on reaching to the top but there is absolutely no guidance about the means to reach there. There are no intellectual discussions happening. It only trains them to memorize things. Those who come triumphant in this system has only three qualities - perseverance, ability to memorize ideas, concepts and rules and ability to write what they have memorized.